Mongo DB custom conversions in Spring data

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We stored our data as JSON as below

  data: {
    name: "hello",
    project: {
       value: "demo project"
@Document(collection = "tasks")
class Task {
    var data: HashMap<String, TaskFieldValue> = HashMap()

class TaskFieldValue() {
    var value: String = ""


org.springframework.core.convert.ConverterNotFoundException: No converter found capable of converting from type [java.lang.String] to type [io.nettable.entity.TaskFieldValue]


class MongoConfiguration {
fun customConversions(): MongoCustomConversions {
val converters = ArrayList<Any>()
return MongoCustomConversions(converters)

class String2NetValue : Converter<String, NetTaskFieldValue> {
override fun convert(source: String): NetTaskFieldValue {
val value = NetTaskFieldValue()
value.value = source
return value


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